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Cindy and Jason get closer

Trevor has planted drugs in the boot of Darren's car for his associate to pick up in Calais. When Darren is distracted, Cindy steals his car – with the drugs in. Jason finds her pulled up at the side of the road and they use each other as a shoulder to cry on as they bond over their past troubles. Will they get too close for comfort? 

Meanwhile, Tegan feels backed into a corner over her true feelings for Ziggy when Cameron orders her to tell Leela by the end of the day – or he will. Tegan tries to pluck up the courage at Leela's hen do. In The Dog cellar, Tegan grabs Celine's phone from Cameron and deletes the text. In the scramble, Cameron falls and hits his head. Tegan leaves him unconscious – unaware she's left her bracelet behind…