Cindy tries to impress Jason

Jason reveals too much to Robbie about him and Cindy. Meanwhile, Kyle and Aiden offer Holly a legal high, which she refuses. After Cindy turns up at the Roscoes' and tries to undress Jason, he decides to tell Dirk she’s not taking her medication. The wedding dress Cindy ordered has arrived and she tries it on while fantasising about Jason. She turns up at the police station in the dress and gets angry when she doesn't get the desired reaction from Jason, who calls Dirk for help. Cindy tells Dirk and Holly that she and Jason are in love. Jason denies it but Holly's had enough of all of them and, later, she meets up with Kyle and Aiden, who take her to a party and give her pills…

Meanwhile, Robbie gives Nancy the £6,000 he stole from Wayne and lies that it's his savings. She reluctantly accepts. They go to the park and Robbie is alarmed when he spies two police officers at the site where he mugged Wayne, and they've found his sunglasses! Robbie asks Jason to get the glasses back – or he'll tell Holly that he kissed Cindy.

Ben returns to the village and tries to speak with Sienna, who doesn't believe that Carly is a 'friend'. When Ben asks Jason to do some surveillance for him, Jason's unaware he's actually watching Ben's house to make sure Carly stays out of trouble. When she uses a coat hanger to unlock the door and escapes, Jason tries to chase Carly but he loses her.

Also, Nico pushes Sienna to give Ben another chance, so she goes to the station and kisses him. However, Sienna overhears Ben on the phone and thinks he’s cheating on her with Nancy!

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