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Cleo breaks down at Celine's funeral

Cleo McQueen at Celine's funeral

The young McQueen struggles to cope with her sister Celine's death

The McQueens gather for Celine’s funeral, and Jesse arrives with a Valentine’s Day card and a rose for his lost love. As Cleo still harbours feelings for Nathan, she struggles through her eulogy at the church but, at the end of the service, everyone throws white feathers in the air to represent that guardian angels are nearby.

Meanwhile, Myra’s stunned by a revelation from Sally. Then, as the McQueens persuade Cleo to tell Nathan how she feels, Myra’s waters break!

Elsewhere, Mac follows Lisa when she goes to get changed after spilling a drink on herself. She weakens when he starts to kiss her and they fall into bed together – will they be spotted?

Also, Nick wants to comfort Holly at Celine’s funeral, but things don’t go according to plan…