Cleo leaves Tony in shock!

Celine tries to talk Cleo into going back to school but has no luck. When Celine leaves, Pete turns up at the McQueens’ to ask for more money. Meanwhile, Cleo returns to The Hutch like nothing's happened and is fired. When Cleo makes a scene, Tony has to take her back to his flat to calm her down. Cleo tells Tony about Pete, so Tony gives Pete the money he needs, but Pete's not going anywhere...

When Tony returns, Cleo's still at the flat, too scared to go home. Tony allows her to stay the night but, when he goes into his room, he finds Cleo in his bed - she thinks this is what he expects from her.

Holly and Jason continue with their wedding plans but, when their budget won't stretch, they ask an awkward Robbie to help. Robbie suggests postponing the big day, just as Cindy comes back to the village and Holly tells her she's not invited! Dirk tells Jason that postponing the wedding might be a good idea and, when Holly hears that Jason agrees with Dirk, she's furious.

In an attempt to win Holly round, Cindy goes into full wedding planning mode and Scott offers up The Hutch to cater for Holly's wedding at a knockdown price. Later, Holly and Jason are shocked to find Esther's Magic Bean has been transformed with fairy lights and a wedding arch thanks to Cindy and Robbie. The sight of the happy couple is too much for Robbie who makes a quick exit. Later, Holly goes looking for him – but is she making the right decision marrying his twin brother?

Also, Scott tells Marnie and James about his catering deal for Holly's wedding. Knowing what a bad idea it is, the scheming duo know they can use Scott to bring down The Hutch…

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