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Coronation Street spoilers: Beth Tinker accuses Bethany of theft!

Coronation Street spoilers: Beth Tinker accuses Bethany of theft!

Beth Tinker has some harsh words for Bethany

In the second episode of Coronation Street tonight (8.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings), Bethany seeks Daniel’s blessing for her job at the factory where Sinead worked and the pair kiss when he insists it’s fine by him.

Sarah informs Beth Tinker that Bethany will be starting work at the factory tomorrow and she expects her to be made welcome. But Beth scathingly accuses Bethany of trying to steal Sinead’s life and she’s left gutted.

Bethany is gutted when Beth accuese her of trying to steal Sinead's life

Bethany is gutted when Beth accuses her of trying to steal Sinead's life

Sally tells Kevin that Abi seems very stressed, so he phones and invites her round for tea. Hanging up, Abi steels herself and knocks on Ray’s hotel room door. Will she go through with it? Later, as Kevin awaits Abi’s arrival for tea, he is shocked to find Ray on his doorstep where he demands that Kevin sells him the garage to stay out of prison!

Peter scolds Ken for letting Tracy take advantage of him to bag herself a bargain. Later, he offers Ken the full market value for No.1 and delights in telling Tracy, who insists she and Steve will match it. It’s clear Ken’s faced with an impossible dilemma.

An exhausted Gemma refuses to sleep and keeps vigil over Aled’s cot, adamant he should see her face the moment he wakes. Chesney fears she’s wearing herself out and makes a mobile to hang over Aled’s cot, with pictures of Gemma’s face dangling from it. Gemma’s moved when he shows her a few sign language phrases he’s learned.

Danny tells James he doesn’t want to continue seeing him. protests but Danny insists he can’t go back into the closet and live a lie. James is devastated and is convinced Ed is behind Danny’s decision.