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Coronation Street spoilers: Scott shoots Craig Tinker! Will Craig die?

Coronation Street spoilers: Scott shoots Craig Tinker!

Coronation Street spoilers - Craig Tinker is caught in the crossfire!

In tonight's second episode of Coronation Street at 8.30pm (see our TV guide for full details) Craig Tinker is shot while trying to save Faye!

Johnny staggers to a phone box and reports the robbery to the police. Pointing his gun at Faye, Scott orders Ray and his mates to hand over their cash. Craig Tinker hears the call, aware he should wait for backup, but fearing for Faye’s safety, he enters the bistro.

Grabbing the cash, Scott makes a dash for the door but Craig attacks him with a chair. The gun goes off and Craig slumps to the floor as Scott legs it. As Craig and Johnny’s lives hang in the balance will Scott make his getaway?

Alya runs a credit check on Yasmeen and is shocked to see a series of unpaid loans against her name. Yasmeen admits that Geoff most likely duped her into signing the forms and not only that, but she signed half the house over to him too.

Alya finds unpaid loans linked to Yasmeen

Alya finds unpaid loans linked to Yasmeen

Evelyn suggests to Arthur that rather than a weekend away, they should have a month. Arthur’s taken aback and making excuses, rushes out, leaving Evelyn devastated. Over dinner, Todd tries to belittle George but George gives him short shrift. Mary’s convinced Todd’s just concerned for Aunty Mary, Eileen masks her concern.

What is Arthur hiding?

What is Arthur hiding?

When Dr Howarth explains that Oliver’s response to the door was just an involuntary reflex, Leanne’s furious. Nick suggests that from now they note down all Oliver’s responses in the hope that it will prove to the doctors he’s not a lost cause.

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