Coronation Street spoilers: Dev finds out Asha Alahan stole from him

Dev and Asha Alahan in Coronation Street

Dev is disgusted to realise Asha Alahan stole his credit card

Asha Alahan goes on her date with Riley. However when he accidentally knocks her arm causing her skin to bleed, she rushes off. Back at home, Mary realises Asha stole Dev’s credit card.

Asha makes out she used it to order make up but angry Dev tells her she’s grounded.

Coronation Street spoilers: Dev finds out Asha Alahan stole from him

Dev grounds Asha but is unaware of how damaged she is...

Desperate they shouldn’t find out the truth, Kel makes out their fight was his fault as he made a homophobic jibe. To Paul’s humiliation, Bernie forces him to apologise. Once alone, Kel threatens Paul telling him that if he breathes a word about their relationship he’ll grass him up to the cops for assault.

Beaten, Paul packs his bag and heads to the tram stop but Summer begs him not to leave without talking to Billy first. As Paul breaks down in his arms, will he be able to stop him leaving town?

Debbie breaks the news to Kevin that their Auntie Vi has died and has left her £200k. Kevin’s gobsmacked when Debbie says she wants him to have the money.

Debbie and Kevin in Coronation Street

Debbie makes Kevin a surprising offer

When Ryan and Ali bemoan the fact Michelle’s disapproving of their girlfriends, Robert suggests they throw a dinner party to sort out their differences.

As Gary thanks Maria for looking after Jake, there’s a frisson between them which is clocked by Sarah.

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