Coronation Street spoilers: Is Fiz Stape having an affair?

Fiz Stape, Coronation Street

Tyrone catches Fiz Stape chatting to a mystery man on the phone (one-hour episode)

Gary offers Fiz Stape a job at his furniture shop after hearing of her and Tyrone’s money woes. Fiz is flattered but regrets she has to stay at home to teach Hope in Coronation Street.

She later goes to the pub and furtively answers her mobile, telling the caller she needs and misses them. Entering the Rovers, Tyrone overhears and demands to know who she’s talking to.

Fiz Stape, Coronation Street

Tyrone catches Fiz on the phone to a mystery man

Paul flies off the handle at Billy in the cafe, arguing that although he had underage sex, he gave full consent. Billy retorts that, at fourteen, he was too young to consent and Paul storms off.

Billy’s horrified to see Kel bringing Joseph home from school in his car so invites Joseph to join him and Summer for tea. Later, Paul is on the verge of opening up to Billy and tell him everything when Bernie interrupts. Later, Billy’s puzzled to see Paul in the Rovers sitting round a table playing happy families with Bernie, Kel, Gemma and Chesney. When Bernie hands around old photos, it dawns on Paul how young he really was in comparison to adult Kel.

Coronation Street, Kel, Paul

Paul has a laugh with Kel in the Rovers until the truth about his past catches up with him

Billy tracks down a shocked Paul to Victoria Street and as he knocks back vodka, he admits all sorts of things he’s been blocking out are flooding back. Billy explains he was groomed and abused but Paul insists he loved Kel. As Paul breaks down, Billy’s rocked by the depth of his denial.

Asha performs well at her school singing audition but when the drama teacher hands out sleeveless dresses for the dance trials, she panics and flees. Realising Amy thinks she’s self-harming, Asha confesses she’s had a bad reaction to a cream she’s using to lighten the colour of her skin. Amy threatens to snitch to Dev if Asha doesn’t stop using the cream. Will Asha agree?

Imran points out the parallel to Rick going missing after dealings with Gary. Shona visits David again and is incensed to learn of his suspension and rows with Shona for keeping secrets from him.

David phones Shona to apologise, saying he’d be lost without her. Leanne gives Max a pep talk. Izzy receives a call from Derek to say he’s returned to his wife.

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