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Coronation Street spoilers: Has Seb got a crush on Sarah Platt?

Eileen is left reeling when Seb tells her that Phelan is far from her pefect man – he’s a madman!
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Has he developed a crush on her?

A grateful Seb looks at Sarah Platt wistfully as she tells him she stood up for his rights.

Sarah Platt discovers that Gary is paying Seb a reduced wage, less than his other builders, and puts things right insisting Gary pay him the same amount. A grateful Seb looks at her wistfully as she tells him what she has done. Has he developed a crush on her?

The paramedics and David rush to the aid of a bloodied Shona and she and Clayton are quickly bundled into an ambulance bound for A&E. Which one, if any, will make it out alive?

Rana is annoyed when she finds a drunk Kate and Lolly in Speed Dahl making wedding plans without consulting her. It’s clear that she’s starting to think three might be a crowd. Can she get Lolly to back off?

When Geoff suggests they have a night out and that he’ll stay over, Yasmeen paints on a smile but it’s clear she’s worried. Will she pluck up the courage to tell him the truth?

Second episode of Coronation Street tonight.