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Darcy runs away with Harley

Darcy grows increasingly upset about having to go back to her Gran's. When Bianca pops next door for a moment, Darcy gets Harley, steals money from Bianca's wallet and runs away. Heath goes out searching, worried that if Connie finds out he'll never see Darcy again. Meanwhile, out on the roadside, Darcy's hoping Heath will find them, as she and Harley head further away from home.

Bianca takes Zac into her office, and asks him to explain what the whisky bottle is doing there. Later, Oscar and Evelyn find Zac passed out in his car with a bottle of whisky. Oscar decides to drive him home but hits something and drives away in a panic. It's revealed that Oscar has hit Tamara, now lying in a drainage ditch, showing no signs of life...

John and Jett are left confused when Marilyn still hasn't arrived at Gina's memorial. She finally turns up and apologises. She takes John to Gina's favourite spot, and reveals a new park bench with an engraved plaque to Gina on it. Overwhelmed, John thanks her, and apologises for being such a mess.

Evelyn learns that Spencer has asked if she's seeing anyone. While searching for Darcy, she comes across Spencer, and they begin searching together.

And Chris's attempts to prove himself to Tamara finally pay off.