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Darren feels awful about Cindy's attack!

Jason finds Cindy lifeless outside the garage and phones an ambulance. Darren thinks the assailant must have been after him and is horrified by the thought that his involvement with Trevor prompted Cindy's attack.

Meanwhile, Maxine is jealous of Darren's overly attentive behaviour towards a recovering Cindy. Then, later, Maxine finds out about Darren’s involvement with Trevor when she overhears their conversation. Darren's devastated when she tells him they can’t be any more than friends.

Esther is shocked by Phoebe’s appearance when she visits her in prison and sees she’s a shadow of her former self. She tells Esther about being bullied by the other prisoners and asks her to smuggle in cigarettes for her to barter with. When Grace walks in on Esther hiding cigarettes in her tights and hair, she goes to visit Phoebe and tells her not to involve Esther.

Also, there’s another spark between Patrick and Theresa after a meeting at school and their working relationship moves to the next level when Patrick invites her to his flat for dinner.