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Darren has his doubts about Maxine's new friend...

Ashley Taylor Dawson plays Darren Osborne in Hollyoaks

Darren gets the wrong impression of Adam when he misinterprets various situations and decides he's not good enough for Maxine. As Nico tells Sienna she can prove Maxine killed Patrick, Maxine's frightened when Nico sneaks into the flat. Sienna arrives just as Nico's about to attack Maxine and tells her daughter she wishes she'd never found her. After her drama with Nico, Maxine arrives late to The Dog for her date with Adam, but he's already gone, while Sienna meets Nico – they're both plotting against Maxine!

Jade's pining over Alfie and asks Tom to help them spend time together. Mac agrees to let Alfie take part in a charity skydive with Jade and invites Marnie along for a family trip to watch.