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Diane gets a shock at Marnie's!


Diane's shocked by what she sees when she goes to Marnie's flat – she spots Freddie and Marnie together and knows they're having an affair. Freddie wants to talk to Ellie but she pushes him away, battling her feelings for him. Baby Girl Roscoe is still without a name, so Mercedes and Joe make it their mission to decide on one. Later, Marnie watches as Ellie and Freddie reunite at the garage.

Meanwhile, Maxine's worried she'll say too much when she has to give DS Thorpe a lift in a Minnie Cab. Nancy's becoming increasingly irritated by Maxine and tells Darren they need to find her a man!

Also, Grace finds a tube of lipstick in Trevor's car – and it isn't her's! Sienna's horrified, knowing it's her lipstick, while Grace collects Trevor's phone from the police station and finds an incriminating text message on it…