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The Dingles learn Joanie’s fate (VIDEO)

Lisa Clegg, Zak Dingle, Dan Spencer, Kerry Wyatt

Joanie's trial sets the Dingles in a spin in Emmerdale

It’s Joanie’s sentencing following her conviction for assaulting a police officer. While Zak feels guilty for attending the trial, Kerry’s optimistic about the outcome. How will it pan out?

There’s shock for the Whites who learn Lachlan’s been getting a beating in prison. Is Cain behind it? He certainly wants the family to think so. Visiting Lachlan, Cain warns him to take his advice – or die!

As Jai and Frank bury the hatchet, Frank asks for Jai’s help in getting Megan on side. Elsewhere, hungover singletons Charity and Chas head to the B&B expecting to find a hoard of hunky rugby players over there, while Finn’s down in the dumps about Kasim.


Watch this clip from the episode.