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Doctors Spoilers: Can Daniel Granger and Emma Reid stop Jimmi quitting?

Things get heated when Dr Daniel Granger and Dr Emma Reid stage an intervention with Dr Jimmi Clay about his relationship with his ex-wife Amanda Vardalis

Jimmi's life has been spinning out-of-control since he fell under he spell of his ex-wife Amanda again. So doctors Daniel and Emma decide to try and stage an intervention before things get even worse.

However, when Daniel and Emma sit down with Jimmi and attempt to talk to him about his plans to sell-up and leave The Mill, he loses his temper and orders them out of the room!

Zara, however, seems strangely unconcerned by Jimmi's decision to quit and the crafty doctor is ready to turn the situation to her advantage!

Taking her partner Daniel aside, Zara reveals she has been going through their finances and thinks they can afford to buy Jimmi out, leaving them to take control of The Mill! Will anything or anyone scupper Zara and Daniel's plans?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC 1