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Doctors spoilers: Will Dr Al Haskey and Ayesha Lee go LARPing?

Doctors, Al Haskey
(Image credit: BBC)

Ayesha wonders what she's got herself into when surgery colleague Al invites her to join him to try out some Live Action Role Playing!

Since Dr Al Haskey is a big sci-fi/fantasy fan, it sounds like Live Action Role Playing (aka LARPing) would be right up his street!

So when Al tells surgery nurse Ayesha Lee he is trying to get out more and has been contacted by some guys hounding him to get involved in their live action role play, he somehow manages to convince Ayesha to give it a go, too!

However, Ayesha is far too cool-for-school! So when she finds out it involves pretending to be a fantasy character within a fictional setting and interacting with other people pretending to be fantasy characters in a fictional setting, but which is also the real world, she decides someone else should go in her place. But who?

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe is still in a world of her own after vicar Gordon Clement's surprise proposal of marriage. So the surgery practice manager doesn't even bat an eyelid when receptionist Karen Hollins reports that the sign outside The Mill has been vandalised with graffiti.

Doctors, Charles Digby-Harrington, Nigel Sharpe

Two businessmen cause a scene at The Mill (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, Daniel Granger finds himself caught in the middle of clashing male egos when two alpha male businessmen Charles Digby-Harrington and Nigel Sharpe cause a commotion at the surgery, after one of them is left with an embarrassing injury after a highly competitive game of squash.

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