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Doctors spoilers: Ayesha Lee has a dramatic day - watch out for guest stars Craig Gazey and Lucy Speed

Doctors, Ayesha Lee, Gary Denham, Holly Lyndhurst

Watch out for a couple of familiar faces from soapland in today's episode, in which nurse Ayesha tries to help a woman in financial trouble

In today's episode, nurse Ayesha Lee meets Holly Lyndhurst (played by ex-EastEnders and The Bill star Lucy Speed), who is suffering from high blood pressure and has also lost weight.

Doctors, Ayesha Lee, Holly Lyndhurst

Ayesha's patient Holly has high blood pressure (Picture: BBC)

Holly is clearly stressed-out and having financial troubles, especially when a bailiff Gary Denham (played by ex-Corrie star Craig Gazey) arrives to repossess Holly's car.

In between trying to help Holly, Ayesha finds herself snapping at a grumpy patient Moira Redwood (played by Grange Hill star Gwyneth 'Mrs McClusky' Powell) after impatient Moira moans about being kept waiting and a noisy baby in the waiting room.

Unfortunately, Ayesha's outburst returns to haunt her when Moira tells her colleague Sid Vere she will be making a formal complaint about the nurse! Sometimes you just have one of those days...

Doctors, Ayesha Lee, Moira Redwood

Moody Moira intends to make a formal complaint against Ayesha! (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, Al Haskey is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame since the video of him getting hit by the tour bus and his confrontation with the driver Mr Singh has gone viral!

He stops to pose for selfies with fans and is asked to write a piece for the local newspaper.

However, both Al's colleague Jimmi Clay and his girlfriend Catrin Ballard start to wonder if fame is going to Al's head. It seems the ego has landed!

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One