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Doctors spoilers: Ayesha Lee is shocked by a possible case of measles

Doctors, Holly Ashbury, Ruby Ashbury, Ayesha Lee

Surgery nurse Ayesha is shocked when her four-year-old patient Holly is suddenly rushed to A&E with a possible case of measles...

Practice nurse Ayesha Lee takes a fancy to visiting social worker Leo Tomas and then finds herself working with him on a possible case of child endangerment.

When Ayesha first meets mum Ruby Ashbury and her four-year-old daughter Holly, she's not too worried about Holly's rash and temperature and thinks it is probably a case of slapped-cheek-syndrome - a viral infection that is common in children.

However, events take a dramatic turn when Holly's symptoms get worse and she is rushed to A&E, where Ayesha is startled to discover from Ruby that her daughter could have measles as she never had the vaccine jab...

Meanwhile, Dr Heston Carter and his wife Ruhma arrive for work at The Mill and decide to keep quiet about their family being at the centre of the police investigation over the hit and run. But practice manager Mrs Tembe senses all is not well. Will she find out what's been going on?

Elsewhere, Dr Al Haskey goes on an angry rant live on a student radio station when he discovers sugary drinks have been banned from the university campus! But Al lands himself in Mrs Tembe's bad books when his radio rant starts creating bad publicity for the surgery.

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One