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Doctors spoilers: Things are rocky for Daniel Granger and Becky Clarke

Doctors, Daniel Granger, Joe Carmichael Granger, Becky Clarke
(Image credit: BBC)

The fallout from recent events take its toll on Daniel Granger and Becky Clarke's relationship on Doctors. Is their future together looking uncertain?

Becky Clarke (played by Ali Bastian) and Daniel Granger's (Matthew Chambers) relationship starts to hit a rocky patch after the upsetting recent turn of events on Doctors (1:45pm on BBC One, see our TV Guide for full listings).

When Becky observes the closeness between Daniel and his young son Joe Carmichael Granger  (Oliver Falconer) she can't help but feel a bit left out. And it's yet another reminder of her own loss.

As Becky and Daniel attempt to put the tragedy behind them and settle in for a normal night together in front of the TV, it soon becomes clear that all is not right between them.

But Daniel is in for a surprise when Becky confesses what's on her mind and what she really wants for their future. The trouble is, does Daniel want the same thing? Or could this couple's future be looking uncertain?

Doctors, Becky Clarke, Daniel Granger

Has Daniel Granger and Becky Clarke's love bubble burst on Doctors?

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, Karen Hollins (Jan Pearson) confides in surgery nurse Ayesha Lee (Laura Rollins) about how she thought she'd re-establish a close relationship with her daughter, Imogen when she recently moved back to Letherbridge.

Is Karen still feeling left out after Imogen chose to confide in dad Rob (Chris Walker) first about her health scare?

And it's all hands to the deck as the staff of The Mill rally round to help business partners Jimmi Clay (Adrian Lewis Morgan) and Al Haskey (Ian Midlane) get the Icon Bar shipshape after they discover the abandoned business premises has been trashed.

Doctors, Ayesha Lee, Karen Hollins, Valerie Pitman, Emma Reid

Doctors, Jimmi Clay, Al Haskey

It's all hands on deck when disaster strikes for Jimmi and Al at the Icon on Doctors!

But the clean-up doesn't get off to a good start when everyone's left fumbling about in the dark after a fuse gets tripped and all the lights go out!

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One