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Doctors spoilers: Daniel Granger reveals painful secrets during a day out...

Doctors, Becky Clarke, Daniel Granger, Jimmi Clay

With Daniel stressed out about his marriage break-up, Becky and Jimmi encourage him to attend a day of calming forest bathing

Everyone's rather surprised that Daniel Granger has agreed to join fellow medic Jimmi Clay and practice manager Becky Clarke for a day session of 'Forest Bathing'. Mind you, it's that or stay at the surgery and get into another squabble with Daniel's estranged wife, Zara Carmichael!

The medics are greeted by Becky's friend and course leader, Charlie Pugh, who helps all three to gradually get 'in the zone'. Jimmi and Becky are concerned how difficult it is for Daniel to find some calm. And when it comes time for him to share with the rest of the group, Daniel reveals some painful truths...

Doctors, Charlie Pugh, Daniel Granger

Daniel reveals some unexpected truths during a day of forest bathing... (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, surgery receptionist Valerie Pitman visits Ruhma Carter's house to have her portrait painted by the midwife.

But disaster strikes when Ruhma accidentally rips up a pile of paper, not realising she's just destroyed her duaghter Alia Hanif's vital exam revision notes!

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, policeman Rob Hollins investigates when a talented musician Leila Coval loses her prized instrument, a clarinet.

The clarinet is found abandoned at a bus stop by a member of the public, who mistakes it for a bomb! But things take an even more dramatic turn when Leila is caught stealing an identical clarinet from a local music shop! What's going on?

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