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Doctors spoilers: Daniel Granger comforts his ex Zara Carmichael

Doctors, Zara Carmichael, Daniel Granger
(Image credit: BBC)

Daniel Granger is shocked when he discovers what happened to his ex Zara Carmichael on Doctors and provides her with a shoulder to cry on.

Zara Carmichael (played by Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) can't face being with her boyfriend Adam Regan (Edward MacLiam) right now, after what his twin brother Gareth did on Doctors (1:45pm on BBC One, see our TV Guide for full listings). So she turns to her ex, Daniel Granger (Matthew Chambers) for emotional support.

Daniel is shocked when he discovers how Gareth Regan went on a cocaine-fuelled rampage and attempted to rape Zara after impersonating twin brother, Adam.

But with Daniel's support, maybe Zara can make it through the aftermath of her ordeal.

Meanwhile, Adam finds himself pushed further out of the picture. Zara just can't be around him right now, as he's just a reminder of what Gareth did.

But there's another blow for Adam when Zara decides to take a PERMANENT step back from their relationship. She's breaking-up with him!

Doctors, Gareth Regan

Gareth is behind bars after his attempted rape of Zara on Doctors

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, bar bosses Jimmi Clay (Adrian Lewis Morgan) and Al Haskey (Ian Midlane) have also been effected by the arrest of Gareth, since he was their acting Bar Manager.

Suddenly faced with an extra workload, Al and Jimmi try to organise a mixology class.

But preparations are cut short when The Icon gets an unwelcome visit from Trev Evans (Joel Morris), a criminal who Jimmi once helped to put behind bars.

Let's just say, Trev hasn't popped in to wish Jimmi a very merry Christmas...

Meanwhile, nurse Ayesha Lee (Laura Rollins) investigates a series of drug-related illnesses on campus.

Doctors, Ayesha Lee, Ewan Jones

Ayesha investigates a drug-related emergency on campus on Doctors

Student Beni Cameron (Raphael Akuwudike) is suspected of dealing drugs on campus. But is Beni protecting the REAL dealer?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One