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Doctors spoilers: Dr Emma Reid and Dr Jimmi Clay plan to spend the night together!

Doctors, Emma Reid, Jimmi Clay

Dr Zara Carmichael is convinced there's still a romantic spark between her colleagues Dr Emma Reid and Dr Jimmi Clay. Is she right?

As Dr Emma Reid and Dr Jimmi Clay get ready to go away overnight on a medical training course, their colleague Dr Zara Carmichael can't resist stirring up some mischief!

Zara is sure there's still some romantic chemistry between the medics, even though Emma insists she and Jimmi are just good friends.

But has Zara set Emma wondering what could be? When she talks to Jimmi about the medical training course, Emma suggests they make the most of their night away together! Has Emma just made Jimmi an indecent proposal?

Meanwhile, Karen Hollins is determined to help her former foster son James Coulter, as she and hubby Rob await the results of his autism assessment.

However, since James is now 18 and out of the foster care system, Karen discovers from social worker Leo Tomas that the lad is no longer entitled to any kind of financial assistance.

Realising that Karen and Rob are not getting any extra money to help him, guilty James announces it is time he moved out again! Can Karen and Rob find a way to convince James to stay?

Doctors, Audrey Westcott

Can Dr Al Haskey help eccentric widow Audrey Westcott? (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, Dr Al Haskey finds himself trying to help an elderly widow Audrey Westcott (played by Anna Carteret from 80s police drama, Juliet Bravo), who has hardly left the house since her husband died two years ago.

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One