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Doctors spoilers: Indecent proposal for Ayesha Lee and Becky Clarke!

Doctors, Ayesha Lee, Sgt Ade Richards, Becky Clarke

There's a sexy offer for Ayesha and Becky when they hit the town at a local nightclub and both catch the eye of a handsome fella!

Having recently broken-up with her boyfriend, practice manager Becky Clarke is more than ready for a girls' night out with new surgery bestie, Ayesha Lee.

But there may be more in store than just 2-for-1 cocktails and a night of 'uncomplicated fun' when the ladies catch the eye of a handsome fella, who puts his hand on Becky and suggests they all go home together! What will Ayesha and Becky decide to do about this indecent proposal?

Meanwhile, it just so happens Rob Hollins and his police pals are in the vicinity on their own big night out, to celebrate Rob's return to CID after he cracked the Grant Hill murder case.

Rob feels awkward about being hailed a hero by his colleagues, including PC Sarah Baxter and Sgt Ade Richards (played by ex-Emmerdale star Ben Freeman). But as the drinks flow and married man Rob starts to enjoy himself, will he notice Sarah's behaviour is becoming increasingly flirty?

Doctors, Rob Hollins, PC Sarah Baxter

Has Rob's colleague PC Sarah Baxter taken a fancy to him? (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, what started out as an innocent game of tag at the surgery has taken a super-competitive turn between the men at The Mill.

Daniel Granger waits outside the surgery and manages to tag colleague Sid Vere with his car! So Sid then disguises himself as a pizza delivery man to deliver a note saying: "You're it!" to an annoyed Al Haskey!

But will there be a casualty, when Jimmi Clay encounters a shadowy figure in his bedroom and punches the intruder! Is it part of the game? Or does Jimmi's late-night visitor have deadly intentions?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One