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Doctors spoilers: Is Jimmi Clay a suspect in the Grant Hill murder case?

Doctors, Jimmi Clay
Programme Name: <a href="/doctors-main/" data-source-seowords>Doctors</a> 2018/19 - TX: 11/03/2019 - Episode: Doctors 2018/19 - S20 - ep 81 (No. 81) - Picture Shows: Jimmi Clay (ADRIAN LEWIS MORGAN) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Grab (Image credit: BBC)

With receptionist Valerie having already been questioned in connection with the murder investigation, now it's doctor Jimmi's turn...

Rob Hollins is at risk of falling out with all his friends at The Mill as the policeman continues to investigate the 2007 murder of Grant Hill. With key information missing from the original case files, Rob and his taskforce boss DCI Joyce Ordega realise they must question Dr Jimmi Clay and DI Mark Addison, who were both involved in the original case.

In flashback, Addison is seen telling Jimmi that the re-investigation into Grant Hill's murder have caused him to drink excessively to handle the stress! But when Rob pushes Jimmi to reveal more about his relationship with Addison, will the medic betray Addison's trust? Or refuse to comment, even if it means Rob wants to arrest him?

Doctors, Rob Hollins, Joyce Ordega

Rob and Joyce question both Jimmi and DCI Addison in connection with the murder of Grant Hill (Picture: BBC)

Doctors, DCI Mark Addison

Does Addison know more about the Grant Hill murder case than he's letting on? (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, Addison is annoyed by the inconvenience of being questioned by Rob and Joyce when he has a lot of work to do on present day cases.

Addison stands by his belief Grant's wife Charlotte is guilty of the murder, even though she was recently released from prison. However, the detective is thrown when Rob reveals he knows Grant's dad wasn't his biological father - important information which was missing from Addison's notes at the time.

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