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Doctors spoilers: There's a new twist in Jimmi Clay's case...

Doctors, Jimmi Clay
(Image credit: BBC)

Things are looking-up for Jimmi when his solicitor has news about his case on Doctors. Could it be the falsely accused medic will soon be out of prison?

Jimmi Clay (played by Adrian Lewis Morgan) has seen various cellmates come and go. But so far there's no sign of him getting out of prison on Doctors (1:45pm on BBC One, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Or is there?

In today's episode of the BBC daytime drama, Jimmi gets another visit from his solicitor John Butler (Richard Huw) with news about his case.

It seems the security guard who originally claimed he saw Jimmi in the car park, just before the drugs were discovered in the boot of the GP's car, is now not sure it was Jimmi after all!

Could this be the break Jimmi has been waiting for? Is there a chance he could FINALLY be getting out of prison?

Doctors, John Butler, Jimmi Clay

Jimmi's solicitor John has an update on his case on Doctors

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, Karen Hollins's (Jan Pearson) new foster child, Abz Baker (Amy Bowden) is worried about starting university.

But at least Abz has already hit it off with fellow student Lex Whitore (Eleanor House).

However, when Karen overhears Abz on the phone to Lex, and call Karen her "mum", Karen wonders why Abz isn't being entirely honest about her situation. What's going on?

Meanwhile, Sid Vere (Ashley Rice) tries to help when his friend David Alfonso (Kriss Dillon) reveals how he is struggling to bond with his new baby.

It seems David's wife Mia (Zoe Zak) has become over protective of baby Marcus and won't leave David and Marcus alone together.

Doctors, David Alfonso

Doctors, Mia Alfonso

Things spiral out of control when a desperate dad David confronts his wife Mia over access to their baby son on Doctors

But when David confronts Mia and demands more time with his son, things take a dramatic turn...

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One