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Doctors spoilers: Karen Hollins is in BIG trouble after punching a police officer!

Doctors, Karen Hollins, Rob Hollins, Pat Dyson

Karen stages a protest outside the local council building on behalf of foster son James. But things get out of hand when she has a run-in with the police...

Karen Hollins is still frustrated over the ordeal her former foster son James Coulter has been through, when he ended up living rough on the streets. And even though James is temporarily living back with Karen and her policeman husband Rob, there is no assistance available to him now he is 18 years old and out of "the system".

Karen decides to take her fight to the local council building, where she stages a protest outside on James's behalf. And video footage of her one-woman crusade soon goes viral! But much to Rob's embarrassment, Karen gets into a kerfuffle with his colleague PC Pat Dyson. Will Karen's protest get her arrested?

Meanwhile, Dr Daniel Granger is having problems with his daughter Izzie, who lives with Daniel's ex, Lisa Torres. Izzie has text messaged Daniel to complain about problems she is having at school and with Lisa's new boyfriend.

So Daniel is relieved when his wife Zara Carmichael agrees to drop her surrogacy plans for the moment, since they already have enough going on with their own son Joe and now Izzy's teenage troubles.

Also, Dr Sid Vere finds himself caught in the middle of a curious love triangle when Jean March and Mary Dunlop (played by Hi-De-Hi stars Ruth Madoc and Su Pollard) along with Ronnie Hislop (played by Paul Harman-Elliott of The Chuckle Brothers fame!), all residents at the same sheltered housing unit, turn up for treatment at The Mill's new Minor Surgery Unit.

Doctors, Jean March, Mary Dunlop, Ronnie Hislop

Three's a crowd for Jean (Ruth Madoc), Ronnie (Paul Harman Elliott) and Mary (Su Pollard)! (Picture: BBC)

But it all kicks off in the surgery reception when Jean and Mary angrily realise love rat Ronnie has secretly been dating them both at the same time!

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One