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Doctors spoilers: The ladies of Letherbridge throw a period party!

It's female empowerment time when the ladies from the surgery throw their period party at Emma's house, with lots of shocks and surprises!

Despite Zara's best efforts to shut down their fun, the women at The Mill go ahead and host their "period party" at Emma's house.

Penny is completely embracing the event and feels the women should be free to talk about and support each other through that terrible time of the month. But how will everyone at the party react when Valerie suggests they take their frustrations out on the pinata she has bought, which is shaped like a uterus! Is it a case of too much information!

Meanwhile, the event brings Ruhma and Alia closer together again after their disagreements about her relationship with boyfriend Tariq. But why does friend Farah seem troubled as she watches mum and daughter's cosy heart-to-heart?

Catch Doctors from Monday 18th June at 1:45pm on BBC 1