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Doctors spoilers: Mrs Tembe and Dr Emma Reid expose a secret about Mr Smail...

Doctors, Mr Smail
(Image credit: BBC)

Mrs Tembe and Dr Emma Reid team-up to dig for dirt on Mr Smail and stop him poaching staff from The Mill. But what will they discover?

With Dr Sid Vere and nurse Ayesha Lee still considering leaving The Mill to join the staff of rival surgery Sutton Vale, Mrs Tembe decides to join forces with Dr Emma Reid to see if they can find a way to stop Sutton Vale's unlikable Practice Manager, Mr Smail, in his tracks.

Having already had a nose around Mr Smail's office the other day, Mrs Tembe shares the suspicious financial information she found with Emma. With Mr Smail's reputation as a Practice Manager on the line, Mrs Tembe and Emma take their investigation further and approach Mr Smail's investor...

Meanwhile, it's an emotional day in the Carter household as midwife Ruhma Carter and her hubby Heston Carter prepare to bid Ruhma's son Shak Hanif farewell, as he heads off to university.

With all the horror of the hit-and-run drama behind them, Shak thanks stepdad Heston for trying to protect him throughout the police investigation into who was behind the attack on his sister Alia's hated ex-boyfriend Tariq Amiri.

Elsewhere, surgery receptionist Karen Hollins is still worried about her former foster son James Coulter. So Karen's policeman hubby Rob agrees to file a missing person's report.

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One