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Doctors spoilers: Will Mrs Tembe and Gordon rekindle their romance?

Doctors, Mrs Tembe, Gordon Clement
(Image credit: BBC)

When Mrs Tembe and vicar Gordon discuss what went wrong with their past romance, could there be a second chance at love for the pair?

Despite their previous bad break-up, troubled surgery Practice Manager, Mrs Tembe is finding comfort again through her renewed friendship with Reverend Gordon Clement.

After their heart-to-heart about Mrs Tembe's current crisis of faith, the pair meet at the church again and this time Gordon apologises for the terrible way things ended between them before and hopes she will find it in her heart to forgive him one day.

But it looks like Mrs Tembe is ready to forgive and forget as she realises Gordon has been brought back into her life for a reason. With the atmosphere electric between the friends, is there a chance the former flames could resurrect their romance?

Doctors, Ruhma Carter, Laura Wade

Laura has some big news for Ruhma. (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, midwife Ruhma Carter is thrilled when IVF patient Laura Wade visits her at the surgery and reveals she is pregnant!

But there's still the question of the money Ruhma offered Laura and her husband Russell to help pay for the expensive fertility treatment. Will Laura accept Ruhma's generous offer even though she knows hubby Russell is against them being seen as "charity cases"?

Also, with Christmas just days away, the staff of The Mill get their party frocks and Christmas jumpers on to celebrate!

Doctors, Valerie Pitman, Zara Carmichael

Despite her dramas with hubby Daniel, Zara manages to have a laugh at the staff Christmas party! (Picture: BBC)

Doctors, Ayesha Lee, Sid Vere, Karen Hollins

The staff get their Christmas hats on for a festive pub crawl! (Picture: BBC)

With their original party plans in crisis, surgery receptionist Valerie Pitman steps in to save the day with...a festive pub crawl complete with a Christmas hats theme!

As everyone gets more and more tipsy, Zara Carmichael and Sid Vere find themselves sharing a taxi and end up back at Zara's house.

With Zara's husband Daniel Granger still nowhere to be seen after he packed his bags and stormed off after a bust-up with his wife, Zara finds herself flirting with Sid and the next moment the pair are kissing and disappear upstairs towards the bedroom...

Doctors takes a two-week break and returns on Monday 7th January at 1:45pm on BBC One