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Doctors spoilers: Mrs Tembe makes a startling confession...

Doctors, Mrs Tembe, Rev Viv Marchant

Reverend Viv Marchant wonders why Mrs Tembe has stopped coming to church and pays her a visit. But she's in for a shock...

Surgery practice manager Mrs Tembe just hasn't been herself since the shock car crash, which claimed the life of her good friend, Dr Heston Carter.

Mrs Tembe almost couldn't bring herself to set foot into the local church to attend Heston's funeral last week. Wondering why such a regular member of the congregation hasn't been attending church for a while, Reverend Viv Marchant pops by the surgery to visit her.

Mrs Tembe admits she is still struggling to come to terms with what happened to Heston. But she has still been praying every day. But the Rev is in for a shock when she hears exactly what Mrs Tembe has been praying for...

Meanwhile, Daniel Granger insists his daughter Izzie Torres apologies to stepmum Zara Carmichael about her rude outburst. Izzie gives Zara a half-hearted apology.

But their truce is short-lived when Izzie deliberately spills orange juice on Zara's clothes and then starts reading Daniel and Zara's son Joe a story about "a wicked stepmother". Furious, Zara wonders how she can play troublesome Izzie at her own game.

Elsewhere, policeman Rob Hollins is puzzled when an elderly man, Brian Cargill, is caught shoplifting ladies underwear.

Doctors, Brian Cargill

What does Brian want with all those ladies undies? (Picture: BBC)

Doctors, Rob Hollins

Letherbridge copper Rob demands to know the reason behind the theft (Picture: BBC)

But when Rob discovers the real reason behind the theft, he realises he could be dealing with a modern-day Robin Hood!

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