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Doctors spoilers: Nightmare for Ayesha Lee... what happened to her?

Doctors, Ayesha Lee, Valerie Pitman

** This episode will be shown at 1:30pm on BBC Two because of Women's World Cup football on BBC One (Japan vs Scotland)**

Ayesha Lee finds herself in a living nightmare when she wakes up the morning after her big night out.

The nurse feels disorientated and distressed, and when she notices she has bruises on her wrists she has a SHOCK flashback to something terrible...

Unaware her drink was spiked at the bar, Ayesha can't understand why her memory is so blurry and calls Dr Emma Reid for help.

As a precaution, Emma decides to examine Ayesha and her clothes are taken for forensics. And when Emma notes the bruising on her wrists and asks her to take a pregnancy test, Ayesha must face-up to the terrible possibility she was raped...

After policeman Rob Hollins and DCI Joyce Ordega arrive to take Ayesha's statement, it all proves too much and Ayesha goes home and breaks down in friend Valerie Pitman's arms. What DID happen to Ayesha during those missing moments?

Elsewhere, it's Su Turtle's last day at The Mill as temporary Practice Manager. But Daniel Granger is secretly happy as this means Becky Clarke will be back from her holiday.

Doctors, Becky Clarke, Daniel Granger

Daniel declares his feelings for Becky! (Picture: BBC)

Unable to wait any longer, Daniel goes round to Becky's house to tell her how he really feels! But does Becky feel the same way or is Daniel in for more heartbreak?

Doctors, Karen Hollins, Evan Masters

What's the deal with Karen's charming new gentleman friend, Evan? (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, surgery receptionist Karen Hollins gets chatting with a mystery man, Evan Masters at the Icon.

Karen soon gets distracted by the charming Evan, who even asks her to dance with him. But all is not as it seems with Karen's new friend.

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One