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Doctors spoilers: Penny Stevenson faces prejudice at work

How will new nurse Penny handle things when a patient's mother complains about Penny's disability?

It's Penny's first day at The Mill. But while the new nurse is a hit with the surgery staff she faces prejudice from a patient's mother...

Heather Peters comes to the medical practice with her disabled son Luke, who has hurt his foot playing wheelchair basketball. But Heather is shocked when she sees Penny has only one hand and complains to practice manager Mrs Tembe. Will Heather see Penny in a new light when the nurse makes a house call and helps Luke deal with some personal issues?

Elsewhere, Mrs Tembe is still out to stop Zara and Daniel from becoming the sole partners at the practice. And there could be hope when Emma takes an interest in replacing Jimmi as the third partner. What will Zara and Daniel have to say about that?

Catch Doctors from Monday 4th June at 1:45pm on BBC1.