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Doctors spoilers: Ruhma discovers Alia is a victim of revenge porn

Doctors Week 26 Ayesha and Penny

Ruhma is devastated when she discovers daughter Alia's shock secret. But will the family see justice served when Tariq is arrested?

Ruhma is stunned when she's called to the police station where Shak, Alia and Tariq have been taken, and hears from policeman Rob Hollins about what has happened.

Ruhma is both embarassed and puzzled by her childrens' behaviour, especially after she gets an earful from Tariq's angry mum. But angry Shak soon fills his mum in on what's gone on between teenagers Alia and Tariq and the intimate video doing the rounds. Ruhma is horrified!

But although Tariq is later charged for revenge porn, Rob reports to Ruhma that it will be difficult to prove Tariq was behind the video since it was sent out from Alia's phone.

Meanwhile at the surgery, Ayesha and Penny find a way to liven up the working day - disco breaks. But how will Mrs Tembe react when she catches her colleagues dancing their way through the day?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC1