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Doctors spoilers: Rob Hollins clashes with Zara Carmichael over crash investigation

Doctors, Rob Hollins
(Image credit: BBC)

Rob's obsession with investigating Heston, Al and Mrs Tembe's car crash and bringing someone to justice causes him to clash with Zara

As Rob Hollins continues his on-going investigation into Heston Carter, Al Haskey and Mrs Tembe's car crash, his obsession is getting the better of him and causing the policeman to clash with friends and colleagues.

After his heavy questioning of a prime suspect in the case, Rob is still awaiting results back from the forensics team on what caused the crash.

In the meantime, the copper visits The Mill and once again starts asking questions. But this time, practice partner Zara Carmichael decides enough is enough and warns Rob to butt out! She's already had to deal with some difficult questions about death from her son Joe at home, and Rob is not making things any easier with his behaviour.

But will Rob back off with his heavy-handed investigation?

Meanwhile, Zara's hubby Daniel Granger has a mystery of his own to solve.

Doctors, Daniel Granger

Is someone trying to ruin Daniel's reputation as a doctor? (Picture: BBC)

After seeing a routine selection of patients, Daniel is puzzled when one of them, Ella Palmer, returns to the surgery later and accuses Daniel of not checking her properly for possible heart problems.

And then when surgery receptionist Valerie Pitman mentions her worries about not getting a second opinion over her previous cancer treatment, Daniel starts to wonder if someone is trying to ruin his reputation as a doctor. But who could it be?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One