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Doctors spoilers: Dr Sid Vere investigates a case of chemical poisoning

Doctors, Adrianna Greig, Sid Vere

Sid leaps into full medical mode when two brothers fall sick during a camping trip and appear to have been poisoned by a dangerous chemical...

After Sid Vere's disastrous first date with Keziah Harvey, things only get worse when the doctor discovers Keziah thinks he's a wimp!

But Sid doesn't have time to feel sorry for himself, as he's soon called to a medical emergency involving two brothers, Tom and Frankie, who have fallen sick during a camping trip. Sid suspects the boys may have been exposed to a dangerous chemical from a nearby farm.

Tom and Frankie are taken to hospital in an ambulance. Will they be OK?

Meanwhile, Dr Zara Carmichael is determined her son Joe is going to win in the school council elections.

To Joe's embarassment, Zara arms herself with a megaphone and starts loudly campaigning on Joe's behalf outside his school!

Doctors, Zara Carmichael, Joe Carmichael Granger

Cringe! Joe is embarrassed when his mum Zara causes a scene outside his school (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere at The Mill, Dr Al Haskey and Dr Daniel Granger play Cupid for a young man, Harry Bradley, whose face has been left scarred by a fire during his childhood.

It soon becomes clear Harry's best friend Victoria Farow has the hots for Harry but is convinced he doesn't fancy her. Can Al and Daniel work their magic to connect the pair?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One