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Doctors spoilers: There's a surprise proposal for nurse Penny Stevenson!

There's a blast from the past for new nurse Penny when her ex-boyfriend John turns up at the surgery and proposes to her in front of everyone.

Jimmy and Al have really hit it off with new nurse Penny Stevenson, but Ayesha has so far failed to connect with The Mill's newest employee.

Ayesha feels left out as Jimmy, Al and Penny continue to laugh and joke around the surgery. Could it be Penny doesn't like Ayesha for some reason?

However, everyone's intrigued when Penny's ex-boyfriend John turns up at The Mill with a big bunch of flowers, hoping to win her back. Despite Penny's best efforts to send him packing, John doesn't get the message and instead gets down on one knee and proposes to Penny in front of everyone! Will Penny be swept off her feet by the romantic gesture or mortified by John's behaviour?

Elsewhere, Rhuma's concerns about her daughter Alia continue, as the teenager is clearly smitten with new boyfriend Tariq. Can Rhuma bring herself to step back and allow love's young dream to blossom?

Catch Doctors from Monday 11th June at 1:45pm on BBC 1