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Doctors spoilers: There's a BIG fall-out between Ayesha Lee and Becky Clarke

Doctors, BBC One

Becky arranges a team-building exercise for the surgery staff. But her good intentions backfire when she manages to insult nurse and friend Ayesha...

Becky Clarke has been very pro-active introducing changes to The Mill since she took over as surgery practice manager from Mrs Tembe a few months ago. However, her plan for a team building exercise has unfortunate repercussions...

During a 'Privilege Walk', the staff can either step forward or backwards, depending on the answer they give to a particular question. The aim is to challenge the staff to think about how privileged they are.

While Sid Vere is way out front, nurse Ayesha Lee seems to keep taking steps backwards, ultimately leaving her feeling humiliated. But once the challenge is over, Ayesha wastes no time in letting Becky know exactly what she thought of the so-called team-building exercise...

Doctors, Ayesha Lee

Ayesha has some harsh feedback for Becky on her team-building exercise! (Picture: BBC)

Doctors, Becky Clarke

Becky realises she has upset Ayesha. Is their friendship over? (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, policeman Rob Hollins is called to investigate a mystery intruder at a 40th birthday celebration.

Local councillor Andrew Hughes and his wife Victoria are out to celebrate his 40th birthday when they discover the burglar alarm is going off at home.

Doctors, Rob Hollins, Andrew Hughes, Victoria Hughes

Who is the surprise guest at a 40th birthday celebration? (Picture: BBC)

When they return home, there's a big surprise in store when they find an elderly woman inside, who has run a bath, put on one of Victoria's dresses and has even baked a cake for the birthday celebrations!

But who is she?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One