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Doctors spoilers: Will Karen Hollins quit as surgery practice manager?

Doctors, Tallulah Walsh, Duffy Reynolds, Zara Carmichael

Karen is stressed-out covering for Mrs Tembe as surgery practice manager. So she makes a shock decision that won't please bosses Zara and Daniel...

Karen Hollins is not enjoying being the stand-in surgery practice manager while Mrs Tembe is out of action in hospital, following the car crash.

With Karen's office now overflowing with boxes of medical stock she accidentally ordered twice, she's losing her patience and makes a decision that may not please surgery partners Zara Carmichael and Daniel Granger...

Meanwhile, Ruhma Carter is accompanied by co-worker Ayesha Lee as she faces one of the most difficult days of her life.

But when the surgery midwife is approached by Gritisha Varme, a young mum who had her baby delivered by Ruhma, she is overcome with emotion when Gritisha tells everyone how wonderful Ruhma is. But inside, Ruhma is wondering how she's ever going to carry on...

At The Mill, Zara receives a visit from an autistic man, Duffy Reynolds, carrying a suitcase and announcing he has left home to escape his domineering mum, Patricia, after she cut the plug off his laptop to stop him chatting with women online!

Doctors, Duffy Reynolds

Duffy is stuck living with his domineering mum Patricia... but maybe not for much longer! (Picture: BBC)

After the surprise discovery, Duffy has £125,000 in the bank, and sensing he's desperate for some independence, can Zara find a way to help him?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One