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Doctors Spoilers: Will Zara Carmichael's Charity Ball end in disaster?

Will it be alright on the night, when Zara pulls out all the stops to impress rich donor, Hampton Brotherton, at the annual school Charity Ball?

Zara has been busier than ever organising the annual Charity Ball for her son Joe's school. But will it be alright on the night?

Zara is desperately hoping super-rich Hampton Brotherton will be in attendance and make a generous donation to the school. Trouble is, last year he left early and didn't donate anything at all. So, Zara, with the help of her fella Daniel and their surgery colleague Al set out on a mission to find the perfect woman to keep Hampton company all evening and remind him to donate.

Valerie is on a glamorous secret mission in Doctors! (Picture: BBC)

Valerie is on a glamorous secret mission in Doctors! (Picture: BBC)

But who will they choose? Can they transform surgery receptionist Valerie into their leading lady for the night? The challenge is on!

Meanwhile, with so much to do, Zara is pleased to use Tina Pickard, the new School Secretary, as her lackey. But could this pairing end in disaster?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC 1