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Doctors spoilers: Can Zara Carmichael and Daniel Granger save their marriage?

Doctors, Zara Carmichael
(Image credit: BBC)

Daniel may have moved back in with Zara after his wife's one-night stand with Sid. But it looks like their marriage is still in BIG trouble...

Zara Carmichael is confident her marriage to Daniel Granger can be saved since her husband has moved back home again after her drunken one-night stand with surgery work colleague Sid Vere. However, their marriage is still on shaky ground and the couple are sleeping in separate bedrooms.

When Zara and Daniel's son Joe starts to ask awkward questions about their sleeping arrangements, they lie that Daniel has a bad back and is sleeping in the spare bedroom so his restlessness at night doesn't disturb Zara. But will Joe see through their lie?

Doctors, Daniel Granger

Daniel and his wife Zara have been sleeping in separate bedrooms since her one-night stand with Sid (Picture: BBC)

Realising she needs to do all she can to get back in Daniel's good books, Zara cooks up a romantic meal which leads to an after-dinner kiss! But when the couple head for the bedroom in a frisky mood, a sudden reminder of Sid proves a real passion killer! Is the Carmichael-Granger marriage in real crisis?

Doctors, Mrs Tembe, Gordon Clement

Mrs Tembe reveals to Gordon a surprise secret about her previous relationship (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, as Mrs Tembe renewed romance with vicar Gordon Clement continues to blossom, she decides to come clean and reveals a secret about her previous relationship with JJ Kenwright, a man with a shady past who eventually left Letherbridge and moved to Spain. But how will Gordon react when Mrs Tembe reveals her secret?

Doctors, Ruhma Carter, Emma Reid, Alia Hanif

It's an emotional day when Ruhma and Alia move in with Emma (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, it's a big day as Ruhma Carter and her daughter Alia Hanif prepare to move in with friend Emma Reid, after deciding to sell the family home Ruhma used to share with her late husband Heston.

But with the door about to close on such a big chapter of her life, Ruhma finds herself overcome with emotion and realises moving on may not be that easy...

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