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Doctors spoilers: Will Zara Carmichael clash with Daniel Granger over Izzie?

Doctors, Zara Carmichael, Daniel Granger

Daniel may be devoted to his daughter Izzie. But how much longer will stepmum Zara put up with the troublesome tweenager?

Zara Carmichael is beginning to regret agreeing to let her hubby Daniel Granger's daughter Izzie come and live with them in Letherbridge. The tweenager has turned out to be nothing but trouble!

So when the personalised Granger-Carmichael family Christmas cards arrive, Zara takes one look at the 'happy family' portrait on the card and realises she's feeling less-than-festive with Christmas less than a month away.

But seeing how devoted Daniel is to his daughter, will stressed-out stepmum Zara continue to keep her un-festive feelings towards Izzie from him?

Meanwhile, since the idea of a memorial bench has been rejected, Emma Reid and Jimmi Clay wonder if a themed event would be more of a fitting tribute to their late colleague, Dr Heston Carter, who died after a shock car crash. But what kind of event?

Elsewhere, surgery receptionist Karen Hollins is out and about on a home visit when she becomes convinced the patient Brenda Clegg is being taken advantage of by two folk band fellas who are staying with her.

Brenda is a huge fan of singer Billy Rourke (played by ex-EastEnders and ex-Holby City star Paul Bradley) and is excited about his forthcoming UK comeback tour.

Doctors, Billy Rourke, Brenda Clegg

Brenda is a big fan of folk singer Billy (Picture: BBC)

Doctors, Karen Hollins, Paul McBain

Karen confronts Paul and demands to know what's going on (Picture: BBC)

However, when Karen overhears a conversation between Billy and bandmate Paul McBain discussing how they need to get their hands on some money quick because their tour sponsor has pulled out, Karen smells a rat and suspects Billy and Paul are out to con Brenda for her house and savings! Is Karen right?

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