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Dom and Phoebe kiss!

Pheobe in Home and Away

Phoebe kisses Dom but he seems to be hiding something

Phoebe turns to Dom for comfort after coming to terms with the loss of Hannah and things quickly get heated between the pair. But she’s left heartbroken when she overhears him telling a woman he loves her. Phoebe confronts Dom, who explains he was talking to his daughter.

Andy is charged with two counts of manslaughter and released on bail. But desperate to set the record straight, he admits to Chris he caused the explosion. Later, Kat tells Leah, Alf and Roo that Andy killed Hannah and Oscar. After wrapping her head round the news, Leah instructs everyone not to say a word to Zac and Evelyn.

Leah finds Andy and asks him to keep his admission to himself for now, but their conversation comes to a halt when Chris attacks Andy. Andy doesn’t fight back and suffers a cut lip before John breaks things up.

As Chris never attended Hannah’s funeral, John drives him to Hannah’s grave, where Chris says a heartbreaking goodbye to the love of his life.