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Are Duncan Stewart and Tori back together?

Duncan Stewart in Home and Away

Duncan Stewart and Nate have both fallen for Tori...

Nate runs into Danika and struggles to brush off her flirtatious advances. They meet up later and Nate manages to end their fling, but he’s left stunned when Danika tells him that she knows he has feelings for Tori. He feels even worse when he sees Tori and Duncan on a lunch date and it’s obvious the pair are getting close.

Ash rushes Kat to hospital as she suffers an anxiety attack. When Ash leaves the treatment room, Nate candidly asks Kat if Ash could be the cause of her anxiety troubles. After leaving the hospital, Kat tells Ash their relationship is over. The pair are both heartbroken and Ash takes his frustration out on the garage.

Alf notices that Duncan is avoiding phone calls. He tells Roo his concerns, but she dismisses them instantly. However, Alf receives a phone call to the house which proves he was right to be worried, as Duncan hasn’t been paying his child support bills. Alf immediately berates his son, pushing Duncan further away.