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Dylan has the day from hell!

As Harry tries to impress Kyle and Aiden from the county football team, Nico and Dylan plot revenge on the thugs. It backfires, though, when Aiden and Kyle catch Dylan pouring pasta sauce into their kit bags and they pour it over him instead! Later, Dylan finds comfort in trying on Grace's clothes.

Esther is upset about Kim’s imprisonment and Grace is alarmed when she finds out Trevor is on his way to France to get Mercedes. Meanwhile, Kim resorts to extreme measures to get close to Grace… she spikes Reenie’s drink with laxatives, which puts her in hospital – making room for Kim in Grace’s cell.

After being hassled all day by newcomer Scott, John Paul is dismayed when Scott moves in with them and tells Ste that either Scott moves out of the O’Connors’ – or they will! Later, Sinead accidentally tells Scott about John Paul and Harry’s kiss – but what will he do with the information?

Also, Porsche’s world crumbles when she visits the prison to see mum Reenie, who reveals she's being released next week!