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Dylan is stalking Kat

(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Kat's scared when Dylan comes out of hiding and starts spouting deluded beliefs of how they belong together. When he grabs her arm, she defends herself and he slinks away, defeated. Later, Ash is kicking himself for not being there to protect her. But he's in awe of how she defended herself and, when she hugs him in thanks, the pair are soon kissing.

Skye tells Evelyn that Tank has changed but he's still in love with her. Evelyn is terrified and no longer trusts that Tank is redeemed. Later, Oscar explains how Tank screwed with his family, and when Olivia has words too, Skye snaps and tells them all to back off. Skye is feeling ostracised and suggests she and Tank keep hanging out. And when Oscar and Evelyn see the pair holding hands on the beach they realise things are only going to get worse.

Hunter admits to feeling useless recently and Olivia works hard to allay his concerns, convincing him she's been coping since the abortion. But once alone, a tense Olivia goes to the bathroom and takes out a pair of scissors.