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Emmerdale spoilers: David Metcalfe plays the game as he tries to reach Jacob

Desperate dad David Metcalfe comes up with a new plan...

Emmerdale's David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) just can't cut a break with his son.

With Jacob (Joe Warren Plant) having decided the demise of his 'relationship' with Maya (Louisa Clein) and her 12-month jail sentence is all his parents' fault, he has disowned David.

Devastated and ridden with guilt for not noticing his former live-in girlfriend Maya was preying on his teenage son under his very nose, David is desperate to help his boy. But Jacob doesn't believe he's been groomed. He's in love with Maya and he's sure she feels the same.

When David gets a call from the prison, where predator Maya is being held, to inform him that Jacob has been trying to get a visiting order, his heart sinks.

With Jacob living at Pollard's, the shopkeeper is finding it impossible to break down any walls. But is a novel idea about to change that? When David decides to make himself a fake online gaming profile, in a bid to talk to Jacob online in disguise, is he making a stellar move… or a mega mistake?

This is the first of tonight's episodes of Emmerdale.