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Emmerdale spoilers! Will Harriet Finch choose Malone over Will??

Harriet is shocked in Emmerdale

When Harriet confronts her secret lover Malone at the police station the dodgy DI pushes her to make her choice

Emmerdale's vicar Harriet Finch needs to make up her mind in Monday's episode (see our TV Guide for full listings).

At the police station, Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) hands her secret lover Malone (Mark Womack) his warrant card which her fiance Will (Dean Andrews) found at the church. Though Harriet spun Will a line to cover their tracks, she's worried. Their affair has sailed too close to the wind and needs to stop.

Malone revelas his true feelings in Emmerdale

Malone flirts with Harriet and reveals how he truly feels about her

Harriet is shocked in Emmerdale

Can engaged Harriet keep up the poker face or has she fallen for lover Malone too?

But Malone is determined to take Harriet from Dean. Flirting, he insists the real reason she came to his work is because she can't keep away from him. Harriet is utterly stunned when Malone goes on to spell out precisely how he feels about her…

Meanwhile, at Holdgate, Priya (Fiona Wade) has found Sarah (Katie Hill) snooping inside her home and wants to know what the heck is going on. But the teenager doesn't hang about to explain and instead nicks off with Priya's mobile!

Priya catches Sarah in Emmerdale

Priya kicks off when she finds Sarah snooping around her family home

Later, Priya realises a ring has gone missing, and her boyfriend Al (Michael Wildman) quietly clocks a bracelet has been taken from his bag. But why doesn't he share the information with Priya?

Secretive Al may live to rue the day as when Priya then demands Sarah return what she stole, the bracelet pushes her to wonder if Al is seeing another woman.

Priya is suspicious in Emmerdale

Priya tells Manpreet that she thinks her boyfriend Al is seeing another woman!

Elsewhere Dan (Liam Fox) and Amelia row about physio and his recovery following the fall.

Dan lashes out in Emmerdale

Amelia wants Dan to spend money on his recovery

Dan lashes out in Emmerdale

Why doesn't Dan want to do all he can to get better?

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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