Emmerdale spoilers! Kerry Wyatt confesses to killing Frank!

Kerry is wracked with guilt in Emmerdale
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When a journalist asks to interview 'hero' Kerry Wyatt for helping the unemployed factory workers, the killer snaps and tells Tracy the truth!

Emmerdale's Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) is in the grip of a full-blown panic.

The weight of the lies she's had to tell to cover up Frank Clayton's death in the fatal fire which she and her daughter Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) caused at the Sharma factory has put Kerry under immense pressure. And she's now at breaking point.

So when a journalist bounces into the village wanting to write a piece on Emmerdale's 'hero' Kerry who has done so much to help the factory workers who have lost their jobs, it's just too much.

As Kerry's panicked and unhinged behaviour spirals, Tracy (Amy Walsh) then finds her with Frank's keying causing the killer mum to scare herself sick as she feeds Tracy another cock-and-bull story.

But when taken-in Tracy then finds Kerry's passports and one-way plane tickets, the house of cards collapses…

Unable to keep it up any longer, Kerry confesses she was responsible for Frank's death! What will Tracy do in the face of such horror?

At Butler's, Moira's (Natalie J Robb) outta there and off to her tryst in a hotel. But in her rush to get away she leaves her mobile behind.

When Nate (Jurell Carter) arrives at the hotel, Moira is searching for her phone. But her mind's taken off the job when her lover pounces on her with a passionate kiss.

Back at the farm, however, Pete (Anthony Quinlan) has found Moira's phone - and clocked an incriminating text from Nate…

This is the first of tonight's visits to ITV's Emmerdale

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