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Emmerdale spoilers: She's back! Mandy Dingle returns to the village

Emmerdale, Mandy Dingle

Just as Marlon and Jessie's wedding is getting underway, an unexpected guest arrives in the shape of Paddy's ex-wife, Mandy!

It's been around 17 years since Mandy Dingle (played by Lisa Riley) was last seen in the village, when she attempted to win back hubby Paddy Kirk after cheating on him with her university lecturer.

But she's certainly got terrible timing as Mandy decides to return to the village just as the wedding of Marlon Dingle and Jessie Grant is getting underway. She bursts through the church door and announces she is the surprise second witness for the ceremony alongside a very awkward Paddy!

Emmerdale, Marlon Dingle, Jessie Grant, Harriet Finch

There's an uninvited guest at Marlon and Jessie's wedding. (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale, Paddy Kirk, Mandy Dingle, Jimmy King

What the heck! Paddy is stunned to see his ex-wife Mandy standing in front of him. (Picture: ITV)

However, Mandy doesn't exactly get a warm welcome, especially not from her cousin Chas Dingle who is now all loved-up with Paddy.

The two women clash outside the church, when Chas snaps and all hell breaks loose. Catfight alert!

Emmerdale, Marlon Dingle, Chas Dingle, Mandy Dingle, Paddy Kirk

Chas snaps and attacks her cousin Mandy! (Picture: ITV)

Meanwhile, Charity Dingle is pleased when her son Ryan Stocks returns, having decided to give his mum another chance on the advice of villager Dawn Taylor.

But when it becomes clear that Ryan is still romantically interested in prostitute Dawn, will Charity resort to more dirty tricks to keep the pair apart?

Elsewhere in the village, Matty Barton shares his big change-of-life decision with family friend Faith Dingle and reveals he's decided to have a mastectomy. But will Matty listen when Faith warns him of the possible consequences?

And Belle Dingle is freaked out when a bunch of dead flowers are delivered to her. But who is the sender? Could her killer ex-boyfriend Lachlan White be behind the frightful flowers?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV