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Emmerdale spoilers! Paul beats Vinny UNCONSCIOUS

Will Paul kill Vinny in Emmerdale

Emmerdale's Vinny works out Paul has been lying about his kidnapping...

Emmerdale sees Vinny in grave danger in the first of Thursday's episodes on ITV from 7pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Poor Vinny has been keeping the terrible secret that his dad has been beating him, not wanting the truth to hurt Mandy.

But his secrets soon come back to haunt him when he finds himself at the receiving end of Paul's fists once again.

Will Paul kill Vinny in Emmerdale

Vinny lands himself in grave danger when he confronts Paul about his lies (Picture: ITV)

Having overheard Paul talking about his kidnapping, Vinny is getting increasingly suspicious that things don't add up.

He goes to see Liv about the inconsistencies in his dad's story, and becomes determined to confront him about his lies.

With Mandy's hen night underway, she is oblivious to what sort of man she's preparing to marry... and the danger that Vinny is about to find himself in.

Mandy's hen do is getting underway in Emmerdale

As Paul attacks Vinny, an oblivious Mandy is enjoying her hen party (Picture: ITV)

Vinny seizes the moment and tells Paul that he has seen the van he was kidnapped in hanging around the scrap yard.

Panicking that his cover is about to be blown, Paul puts in a call to Connor. But little does he realise, Vinny is right behind him and has heard every word.

Now knowing that the kidnapping was all a lie to con Liv out of her life savings, Vinny tells his dad he's going to tell Mandy everything.

Paul kills Vinny in Emmerdale

Has Paul killed Vinny? (Picture: ITV)

But confronting his dad could be the last thing he does when Paul sees red and beats the living daylights out of him.

As poor Vinny lies unconscious on the ground with blood trickling from his mouth, has Paul killed him?

Elsewhere, Rhona and Marlon go public with their relationship.

Rhona is shocked when her friends tell her they'd already worked out she is back with Marlon and that they're thrilled for her.

Later Rhona and Marlon realise they now need to tell their kids the news and wonder how it is going to go down.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings.